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Our news

Some shots from last Friday. Flies well and is ready to be delivered. You can find the specifications for the sailplane here: miniLAK  
As summer weather is already in Lithuania, LAKs were flying over the airfield during the weekend. We saw some great fly bies- fast and slow (and even slower). Enjoy. Thanks to Donatas Pauzuolis for the videos.
  Be sure to check out the article by Nordic Gliding magazine on visiting our factory and trying out the miniLAK back in October. An english version should follow soon.   Curious how the engine sounds while…
The promotional video of the most recent creation of ours- the miniLAK. The self-launching 13.5m class glider which provides you the freedom of soaring while being a safe and comfortable top-level sports tool. The…
Great news from WGC 2015 happening at home arena, Pociunai. After 12 tasks, the only miniLAK in the arena (pilot Vladas Motuza) is on the podium with a silver medal (see results)! Congratulation Vladas, who won 5…
Adomas Grabskis (LT) has completed a 1028km flight in a LAK-17B FES (18m) glider today, starting from Paluknys with an average speed of 92.5km/h.  You can get more information about the flight here.